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An Interview with Brettyn Rose

The Gift of Support 

“Whatever you choose to do, we will support you!” 

How fortunate could a teen be than to hear these words every day? Asya Gonzalez interviews rising Canadian teen singer, Brettyn Rose about how the support she has received since she was five years old and discovered her love of music and singing. Brettyn has offered fans a taste of her voice by sharing a selection of cover-songs on her YouTube channel and you’ll hear her original single, Everything’s Fine, on this show. Lion’s Roar reporter, Katie Lyons talks about the necessity of support in sports. An athlete depends on support from coaches, parents, fans, friends, and team mates and without support, athletes can not thrive. Asya also shares the support she’s received from family as well as strangers when she launched her company, StinkyFeet Offer your support to others and you’ll be supported.

 Hailing from the small town of Okotoas, Brettyn discovered her love of music while attending singing lessons in Calgary at just five years’ old. Intent on exploring all aspects of music Brettyn, also began playing the piano, guitar and more recently, the ukulele creating her unique and dynamic sound. Brettyn looks to her 4-year long relationship with the Youth Singers of Calgary as the catalyst of her career and growing passion for music. As she moves through the divisions offered by the performance organization, Brettyn takes the opportunity to explore not only her musical talent but also her performance and theatrical abilities. With laser focus and perseverance, Brettyn is on the fast track two-year program for high school while testing in Royal Conservatory of Music, of Canada’s top music education organizations and performance venues.

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