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Magazines for the Homeless

A Word from Karen Kitchel- former President of Cheerful Givers Non profit in Minnesota

During a tour of a homeless shelter in St. Paul, Minnesota, I noticed how many people were sitting in the reception area on a cold March afternoon with nothing to do. I knew they were glad to have a break from the snow and very cold temperatures, but I wondered how they kept their mind occupied.

Later that day I contacted the Director of the center and asked if it would be ok to bring in some magazines to leave on the counter for anyone who might enjoy reading a fun story or perhaps learn a bit more about what is going on in the world. He thought it was a great idea and encouraged me to do just that.

While updating a good friend, Cynthia Brian, CEO of Be The Star You Are!®, on my activities, I mentioned the idea of bringing books and magazines to the homeless. She immediately said she would gather some magazines and personally shipped them to me in Minnesota.

The next time I was at the shelter, I placed that basket of magazines on the shelf and then went to serve breakfast to the homeless which I enjoy doing on Saturday mornings. You can't imagine how appreciative the homeless are for providing a basic meal. So before leaving, I walked through the reception area only to see a room full of people reading those magazines. Pure gratification!

We often forget how the little things in life can be our greatest joys.

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