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Meet Liz from BTSYA!

Voices from Volunteers 

How did you learn about Be the Star You Are! And, what makes you passionate about working with this non-profit?

I learned about Be The Star You Are! from I became much more interested with social justice and working with non-profit organizations after joining the Bonner Scholars program at DePauw University. The Bonner Scholars program helps provide undergraduate students with opportunities to learn through civic engagement and make a difference through non-profit organizations. I've aided several non-profit groups in areas such as education and I think that BTSYA has great goals for improving literacy and reaching out to help those who need it the most. Because BTSYA has had such positive ratings and has made a tremendous impact, I decided to try being a part of their mission.

So far, I've found other volunteers very friendly and encouraging! I think that you can definitely tell that each person working with BTSYA is very passionate about improving the lives of others and I'm grateful to be making an active difference. What makes me really passionate about working with this group is knowing that my work will be able to help and encourage others to grow. I think that it's important to be a support for those who need inspiration in their lives and I'm excited to be working with a non-profit that's making such a big difference. 

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” - Maya Angelou

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